It is possible for a company that is incorporated in another jurisdiction to transfer its domiciliation to Cyprus to benefit from the low corporate tax rate, which is currently fixed at 12.5%.

This can be done through deregistering in the country of incorporation and registering at the Department of Registrar of Companies in Cyprus without the need for liquidation in the country of incorporation first, making this option effective in both time and cost.

The experienced and dedicated team at Kaimakliotis & Co LLC will prepare and submit all the necessary documentation, applications, resolutions and all the required forms needed to register a foreign company in Cyprus.

The application should be accompanied by the following documents for an approved redomiciliation:

  • A copy of the Constitution, or its Memorandum
  • A resolution of the foreign company approving the continuation of the company in Cyprus
  • A certificate of Good Standing
  • A sworn affidavit by a director confirming information such as the company's name, the date and country of incorporation, if there are any proceedings pending against the company etc.   

The application and its contents will be examined, and once approved, the Registrar will first issue a Temporary Certificate of Continuation, and later, a Certificate of Continuation once there is proof that the company was deregistered from its own jurisdiction.