With Cyprus offering a host of business benefits, taking correct advantage of its tax incentives requires a firm that has the experience and know-how to ensure that you reap all the rewards of the tax system, which includes extensive Double Tax Treaties (DTT) network and a tax rate that ranks among the lowest in Europe (flat rate of 12.5 % for corporate tax and 0% tax of dividends).

Businesses are separated into 1) Cyprus Tax Resident Company, and 2) Non-resident Company. The taxes of the island are each regulated by their own relevant legislation and are:

  • Cyprus Corporate Tax
  • Cyprus Income Tax
  • Double Taxation Treaties
  • Immovable Property Tax
  • Immovable Property Tax
  • Special Defence Contribution Tax
  • Cyprus Capital Gains Tax
  • VAT

Our services begin with a tax planning advisory service, which explores all options to ensure that your global tax burden is reduced, and we can advise on alternative tax structures, direct and indirect taxation, and offer a tailored approach and tangible solutions.

The expertise of our Taxation and Tax Planning Department also covers the preparation and submission of tax returns; the request and issuance of tax residency certificates; obtaining tax rulings; withholding tax compliance services; tax efficient financing of company/group activities and funding/extraction of profits.

As a linking service, we also represent clients in all manner of tax litigation matters before the Cyprus courts.