Kaimakliotis & Co offer a complete package of services for the obtaining and operation of a Cyprus Forex Licence.

We will prepare, draft and submit your application to CySEC for an EU MiFID CySEC license in a timely fashion. This needs to include the investment and ancillary services for which the CIF is applying for, whilst the share capital for the applicant company needs to be paid in full at the final stage of the application.

The applicant must be a Cyprus Company that is headquartered on the island, and for which there is a drafted Memorandum of Association. In order to comply with CySEC requirements, there also needs to be a complete operation plan to support the application. This includes: a business plan; a financial forecasting; a policy manual; an internal operations manual, and anti-money laundering procedures, all of which Kaimakliotis & Co can undertake.

Companies also need to have a set number and type of personnel in place, which will need to be approved by CySEC, and for which we will advise and assist in placing.

Once you have been authorised to provide investment services in the EU - in accordance to the applicable laws, you will benefit from simplified set up processes and immediate access to Europe’s financial markets. Kaimkaliotis & Co will continue to offer support and services post-licence.

A Cyprus Binary Options Firm requires the same regulatory license as a Cyprus Forex Firm, but the two differ in their share capital, with that for Binary Options Firm depending on its services. Our services for Cyprus Binary Options Firms mirror those of Cyprus Forex Companies, in that we can offer the complete package of services for brokers, tied agents and market makers; from the initial registration and obtaining of a licence to the ongoing support and services post-licence.