Kaimakliotis & Co represents both borrowers and lenders across the global Banking & Finance sector, handling a myriad of increasingly complex issues pertaining to the mechanisms and products of a stringent and fast-changing field.

With regulations in the financial sector becoming tighter, it is imperative that the applicable rules are complied with on both a national and international level.

Utilising our expertise and international network, we diligently manage a wide range of issues relating to domestic and international financing, and advise a diverse range of clients on all matters regarding leading entities.

From loans covering a number of sectors and projects, to applications for a Banking Licence, and transactions both in Cyprus and abroad, Kaimakliotis & Co offer expertise and knowledge to ensure your banking and finance requirements and operations are being met to the most favourable of terms – and with full sector compliance.

Our Banking & Finance team can assist with the full scope of issues within this domain, including:

  • Banking Licence Applications
  • Asset/ Property Finance / Acquisition / Investment
  • Loans
  • Hire Purchase Agreements
  • Project & Construction Finance
  • Corporate Debt Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Aviation & Shipping Finance
  • Refinance, Restructure & Insolvency
  • Domestic & Cross-border Transactions
  • Financing of International Trade: Credit Letters / Negotiable Instruments
  • Compliance
  • Indemnities & Guarantees
  • Electronic Money Service Application
  • Money Laundering