Kaimakliotis & Co has extensive experience in the very complex area of Criminal Law, appearing in a variety of criminal court cases, including high-profile cases both on the island, and abroad.

Crimes that fall under this area of practise can range from business crime to violent crime, and from the petty to the most serious and severe, including (amongst others):

  • Assaults
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Fraud & Money Laundering (companies and individuals)
  • Health and Safety Offence
  • Organised Crime (corruption, blackmail, bribery)
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Theft
  • Trade Description Offences
  • Violent Offences

Whilst we can provide crucial assistance regardless of where your case is in the process, it is always better to use your lawyer from the very start. As a first stage of client care, we will make sure that a client’s case has been handled correctly and with adherence to their legal rights within the very critical first 24-hours of arrest. This then encompasses all the steps required before a client is formally charged, and during the time that they are still under investigation.

Our sound advice and legal expertise can assist in smoothly navigating voluntary interviews, mandatory interviews and interviews under caution, bail and remand, the legality of search warrants, and any other procedures, and we remain by your side during a time that can often appear bewildering, and where attention to the details of the law are imperative.

In the sensitive issue of young people facing criminal charges, we will also take the family into account and offer them support to assist them through what can be a traumatic time for all involved.

If a client is charged, we will appear alongside them at all times during trial, and remain a pillar of strength, expert support and legal knowledge to provide the very best in representation, with the ability to appeal against sentencing.