With Employment Law covering a wide gamut of issues affecting both employers and employees, navigating the challenges of this complex field requires a firm that has both the experience and particular know-how, as well as one that is able to provide top legal services to an equally wide range of clients. From small business owners and unskilled workers, to HR professionals, conglomerates and trade unions, our legal team can assist in all matters relating to employment for both EU and non-EU nationals working on the island, or abroad.

Areas Covered by Employment Law

Kaimakliotis & Co can support and assist in any issues covered under Cyprus Labour Law - contentious and non-contentious, including:

  • Work permits
  • Employee rights
  • Employment agreements / contracts
  • Benefit issues
  • Holiday days, sick leave and maternity leave
  • Labour office issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Lay-off or transfer issues
  • Redundancy claims / collective redundancies / alternatives to redundancy / severance packages
  • Pension issues
  • Dismissal of employees / unfair dismissal
  • Employment disputes / breach of contract / restrictive covenants
  • EU legislation in relation to Cyprus employment matters


Kaimakliotis & Co can consult on, negotiate or handle any areas affecting employment on your behalf, including:

  • Interpretation of Cyprus Employment Law and its intricacies
  • The setting-up of employment policies and compliance practices
  • The review of employment policies and compliance practices
  • Workplace rights for both employer/employee
  • General duties required by law for both employer/employee
  • Contractual negotiations for both the appointment and dismissal of employees, as well as compromise solutions
  • Employee court claims
  • Workplace discrimination issues / sexual harassment
  • Adherence or breach of confidentiality agreements / restrictive covenants
  • Employment incentives
  • Due diligence
  • Business transactions and their associated issues / outsourcing
  • Grounds for dismissal
  • Industrial relations
  • Injunctions to protect a business
  • Professional relationship breakdowns