Swift, hassle-free debt collection

The issue of debt collection can be a disconcerting one due to the delicate and often complex nature of the history surrounding the causes for the accruement of debt, coupled with the desire for debts to be settled smoothly and quickly without escalation.

As such, the expertise of professional and experienced debt collectors is required to ensure that the timely settlement of outstanding arrears from both individuals and companies is achieved without the need to resort to litigation.

The Kaimakliotis & Co International Debt Collection department is well versed in collection methods and procedures, negotiation practices, dispute resolution, financial mechanisms, and the legal intricacies pertaining to debt collection in different international jurisdictions.

Our International Debt Collection Services cover the globe and are further facilitated by a network of trusted overseas associates, ensuring a swift and satisfactory conclusion for the settlement of what you are duly owed.

And with an ongoing training and updates programme, we stay ahead of new developments, techniques and news regarding debt collection around the world.


What happens next?

In most cases, clients prefer to avoid litigation where possible. With this in mind, we hold a full initial consultation with clients during which the history of debts accrued and the factors behind them are mapped out. This goes beyond the issue of how much is owed and from whom, and documents any communications, meetings or agreements discussed between client and debtor in order to correctly assess how to proceed, and to ensure there are no mitigating factors involved in the recuperation of what you are duly owed.

Kaimakliotis & Co will then conduct thorough research on the debtor before reaching out to them officially, ensuring that we have all the correct contact details, or can locate them if circumstances have changed. It is our belief that a positive and professional approach is the best way to proceed in order to create amiable conditions for a dialogue and negotiations, which often yield successful results without the need to resort to more drastic measures.

The first contact with a debtor is always a phone call in order to formally introduce ourselves and our intentions to the right person. This avoids any misunderstandings or miscommunications – including mistaken identities. Once introductions have been made and the situation has been outlined, a formal, written request will be made by letter and/or email. The written communication outlines what is expected from the debtor and any legal responsibilities with the explicit implication that failure to comply will lead to further measures.

In cases where a personal visit is also required, Kaimakliotis & Co will arrange this either through our office, or through our network of overseas associates, depending on the location of the debtor’s premises. The personal visit will be documented with what was included in the exchange; the time and place and those present during the visit. A personal visit is often a very effective mechanism in securing the outcome we desire, and allows us to explain in detail the obligations of debtors in a face-to-face where they too are able to ask questions about how, why and when they are expected to settle their owings.

Following the chain of official communication, we will then have either come to a satisfactory agreement with the debtor regarding payments, or will be required to move forward with further action.

In the event that litigation is necessary, Kaimakliotis & Co handles both domestic and international arbitration.


Custom approach

We pride ourselves on offering honest and realistic advice on how best to proceed with debt collection, and operate with discretion, professionalism and sensitivity.

Throughout the process, the client is kept updated on the status of their owed debts with regular reports, and is offered all the legal and administrative support required to facilitate their situation.

We operate with the approach that debts are best settled with open communication and an understanding of the reasons why they have accrued. We do not subscribe to a ‘heavy-handed’ approach, believing this is actually counter-productive and in many cases delays a settlement further. Our priority is a solution for our client, and one that achieves the objective of recouping your owings in a fast, simple and amiable way.