The Location:

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, located east of Greece and south of Turkey. The capital is Nicosia; the official language is Greek, with English widely spoken, and the currency is the Euro (EUR). Cyprus is a member of: The European Union (EU); the British Commonwealth Nations; the Council of Europe (COE); the International Monetary Fund (IMF); the United Nations (UN); the World Bank (WB), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), among others.


Key Benefits & Features of Company Formation:

  • Beneficial for investment and holding purposes.
  • Pro-business government with an accommodating approach and incentives.
  • Flat rate of 12.5 % for corporate tax (among the lowest in the EU). 
  • Tax on dividends at 0%.
  • Considerable financial gains for royalties, dividends, IP, interests and more.
  • 100% foreign ownership with no restrictions on nationality.
  • Director and Secretary can be a corporate body or natural person of any nationality and residence.
  • Large network of double taxation treaties (DTTs) with over 48 countries - and counting. 
  • Large network of bilateral investment agreements with over 19 countries.
  • OECD compliant, guaranteeing its adherence to the internationally agreed tax standards.
  • VAT registration is fast and simple.


Additional Information:

  • Minimum of one Director required, but tax benefits and incentives only apply if Director is resident.
  • Minimum of one Shareholder is required.
  • Each Director requires a bank reference letter.
  • Annual Tax Returns must be submitted.
  • Annual Financial Statements must be prepared.
  • Annual Financial Statements are required
  • Fully compliant with EU legislation, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) that form part of the EU’s International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Models and aligns with the UK’s legal structure and legislation as a result of the island’s colonial past.